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    Exclamation Emme

    I love the name Emme. Not as a nickname for Emerson or Emilia. Just Emme. It's pronounced M and then E, like Emmy. What do you think of Emme for a girl? Middle name suggestions would be awesome. I was thinking Emme Juliet or Emme Violet, but there is something about those two that just isn't quite right. Opinions and middle name suggestions for Emme, please! Thanks.

    **Also, Emme's siblings would most likely be Ava Madeline (girl) and Easton Malachi (boy).**

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    We call my cousin Emme... her full name is Emmarie. I think it sounds kind of nicknamey for a full name, especially with Ava and Easton.

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    My first instinct would be pronounce it like M, the same way Elle is pronounced just L. Especially since Emmy seems to be the established spelling for em-ee.

    I don't hate it, but it does sound quite nicknamey.
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    More opinions and middle name suggestions would be awesome! Thanks. And, if Jennifer Lopez can name her baby Emme, then why can't I? Lol.

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    I met a young Emme a couple years ago. I asked about it and her parents said they just liked it.

    It worked for her.

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