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    What will you name your G/B twins? QUIZ

    I know there has been a lot of these lately, but they're so cute I thought I'd do another one . So, take the quiz, then comment what you get below!

    Daughter #1:
    Choose your favorite animal:
    dog- Caroline
    cat- Charlotte
    monkey- Aurora
    dolphin- Delphine
    fish- Catherine
    other- Penelope

    Choose your favorite color:
    red- Rose
    blue- Quinn
    purple- Jade
    orange- Amelia
    green- Isabelle
    pink- Avery
    yellow- Genevieve

    Son #1:
    Choose your favorite month:
    December- Lucas
    October- Henry
    March- Jonah
    May- Silas
    August- Daniel
    Other- Kyle

    Choose your favorite weather:
    Rainy- Kai
    Snowy- Joseph
    Sunny- Christian
    Cloudy- Joshua
    Other- Benjamin

    My results:
    Caroline Quinn
    Kyle Christian
    Best regards; Julia

    Persephone Kate ; Charlotte Delphine ; Evangeline Karys ; Clara Juliet ; Vera Madeleine

    Joseph Scott ; Christopher Callan ; Maxwell Finn ; Noel Carter ; James Nicholas

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