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    I like Alivia Juliet. Thanks. :-)
    I used to have Aubrey Madeline on my list, but then I decided Ava Madeline was more balanced in length. Ava Madeline is just perfect in my opinion. Especially with my hypothetical last name. It's so well balanced. Aubrey Madeline is great, but it's too long with hypothetical ln. Thanks for all the opinions and suggestions. More would be great!! :-)

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    More opinions and suggestions would be nice. Thanks. :-)

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    Ava Madeline
    Love the name Ava. Back in 1996(high school days) this became my favorite girls name because it was the name of my friend's mother. I had never heard it before and fell in love. Flash forward to today and it is one of the most popular names. Breaks my heart.
    I say definitely use this one if popularity does not bother you. Wish it didn't bother me!

    Emerson Ruby (Emme)
    Not a huge fan of Emerson but I too love the nn Emme. Emmeline is my favorite Emme name. Emmeline Ruby sounds lovely!
    Other suggestions for nn Emme

    Alivia (Ali)
    My favorite Ali name is Aliana but I do like Alivia. Love Alivia Juliet!

    Alivia Isabel
    Alivia Eden
    Alivia Colette
    Alivia June
    Alivia Marin
    Alivia Rosalie
    Alivia Simone
    Alivia Lake
    Alivia Maple

    Aubrey is cute!

    Aubrey Claire
    Aubrey Evangeline
    Aubrey Louise
    Aubrey Corinne
    Aubrey Josephine
    Aubrey Juliana

    Ariana (Ari)
    Ariana Rose
    Ariana Estelle
    Ariana Camille
    Ariana Violet
    Ariana Willow
    Ariana Seren

    Everly (Evie)
    I would suggest these names for nn Evie
    Or use the intials E.V. like
    Eliana Violet nn Evie
    Elena Vivienne nn Evie
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    My little man O.P. arrived June 2015
    #2 is coming June 2017
    Maeve Noelle-Violet Anneliese-Arianne Lily-Zoe Annabel-Anna Violet-Elena Odette-Caroline Mae-Ella Paige-Eve-Maren-Sophie-Emilia-Rose-Nora

    Finn Jameson-Jack Emerson-Emmett Parker-Miles Alden-Henry Dean-Archer Daniel-Rhys Everett-Brennan Oliver-Cody James-Harrison Fox

    For our little lady coming in June, top contenders are: Anna, Ella, Nora, Caroline, Annabel

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    I don't like Alivia and I think Ruby Emerson sounds better than the other way.
    Aubrey Nicole
    Aubrey Cassandra
    Aubrey Olivia
    Aubrey Estella
    Aubrey Amalia (I think it sounds good but people might not like the AA)
    Ariana Sophia
    Ariana Mackenzie
    Ariana Elizabeth
    Ariana Elise
    Ariana Claire

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