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    Exclamation My Name List -- 7/18/13

    I would really appreciate opinions and suggestions. Here is my list:
    Ava Madeline <3 - Madeline honors me because my name is Madison (MADison - MADeline). Pronounced mad-uh-line, NOT mad-uh-lyn.

    Emerson Ruby (Emme) - I know Emerson is unisex and it's not normally my style. But, I just love the nickname Emme. Other middle name suggestions would be nice as Ruby is just one I thought sounded nice with Emerson.

    Alivia (Ali) - Like Olivia, but with an A. I prefer this spelling because it has the nickname Ali and I just really like A names. Middle name suggestions would be nice.

    Aubrey - Middle name suggestions, please.

    Ariana (Ari) - Middle name suggestions, please.

    Everly (Evie) - I don't love this one, but I like it. The right middle name could make me fall in love with it. So, middle name suggestions, please.

    And, my only boy combo...
    Easton Malachi <3 - Malachi honors someone very dear to me.

    **The names with a <3 beside it are ones I'm set on using for future babies. :-)

    Opinions, suggestions, anything you think would be useful to me. Thanks.
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