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    Why do you choose names?

    Do you choose names based on meaning, sound (what you naturally like), or significance (i.e. named after role model/ cool person)?

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    I think I do a little of both because if I like/look up to someone, their name becomes more appealing to the ear.

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    I typically like a name for a variety of different reasons. Some I simply like the way they sound or their meaning, others I like because of their relation to an important person/book/place in my life, and some I like because the image or personality I associate with the name matches how I would want my child to be or how I predict they will be.

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    For me it's mostly meaning and imagery. If the name has no meaning to me - literal, personal, or family - and I don't like the imagery of the name, it doesn't go on my list. A name's history is also important to me i.e. is it a "modern" name, is it timeless, etc.
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    I choose fn by sound and mn by significance, usually for a family member that has passed thought I don't really like using the exact name
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