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    Avery - Both
    Jamie - Boy
    Pat - just... no.
    Alex - Both
    Anderson - Boy
    Casey - Girl
    Aaron/ Erin - Aaron for a boy, Erin for a girl.
    Riley - Both
    Cameron - Both
    Dylan - Boy
    Taylor - Girl
    Drew - Boy
    Morgan - Girl
    Spencer - Girl
    Sam - Both
    Bailey - Girl

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    Good for you?
    Just wondering what the point of this was? So unnecessary and rude!

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    I love them all. I am in the somewhat unpopular 'more names should be gender-bent' camp. Anyhow:

    Avery -- Completely neutral to me, but the vibe is different. Very classic and preppy on a boy, a little more conventional on a girl.
    Jamie -- Not my favorite. Completely unisex though.
    Pat -- Pat for a girl usually means Patricia, Patrick, though! That's a good name.
    Alex -- Like it euqually for both, and like it quite a lot. Alexander and Alexandra are two of my favorite names.
    Anderson -- Maybe a little more skewed to the male side, but I can see it just as easily on a girl. It's a bit more sleek and suave on a girl, I think.
    Casey -- Prefer it on a boy, but it's nice on a girl. I little cutesy on a girl, very prep on a boy.
    Aaron/ Erin -- I dislike both. I don't hate them. I just...very vanilla. They do nothing for me.
    Riley -- I prefer it on a girl. I see a girl Riley as a bit of a rascally, playful type. I see Riley on a boy as a nice, polite sweetie pie.
    Cameron -- Great on both. A little more All-American on a boy, a little more sophisticated on a boy.
    Dylan -- I don't love it on a boy. I love it on a girl though. I think it's just grown kind of stale for me on a boy, but it still feels fresh as a girls' name.
    Taylor -- Don't like it on either. It is completely unisex, though. No weight either way.
    Drew -- Ew on a boy. Fresh on a girl. Drew Carey vs. Drew Barrymore. Drew Carey, ew. Drew Barrymore, awesome.
    Morgan -- I like it a bit more on a boy. I actually think it might be more popular as a girls' name, but I just like it better for a boy.
    Spencer -- Cute on either. Maybe a little cuter on a girl, but I know a lot of male Spencers who were...they were perfectly nice people, but they were all quite awkward, and now it feels like a name for a weird boy. Personal bias, woohoo! Super cute on a girl though.
    Sam -- Eh. Don't really like Samuel or Samantha. Not an active dislike, they are just both so vanilla to me.
    Bailey -- Cute on both. Cuter on a boy? Eh, not really. Cute on both.

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    I like unisex names on both boys and girls. I think it would be fun to not find out the sex, pick out a name, and use it no matter the gender!

    Avery- I like it better on a girl, but I can see it on both. Like pp said, it's very preppy on a boy.
    Jamie- From personal experience, I much prefer it on a girl. I can easily see it on a boy as well, though.
    Pat- I would assume Pat was a guy, but Patty/Patsy are girl to me. Again, could easily see it on either gender.
    Alex- 50/50
    Anderson- I would assume boy, but I kind of like it for a girl.
    Casey- 50/50
    Aaron/ Erin- Aaron is boy, Erin is girl. Idk if it has anything to do with my location, but these are two totally different names to me. Different spellings and pronunciations.
    Riley- I have known adorable boys AND girls named Riley- can't choose!
    Cameron- I would assume boy and prefer it on a boy, but I don't mind it on girls either.
    Dylan- Prefer girl, but 50/50
    Taylor- Girl
    Drew- See Cameron
    Morgan - Girl
    Spencer- See Cameron/Drew
    Sam - Both
    Bailey- Would assume girl and prefer girl, but don't mind on boys

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