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    I don't really like any traditional girl names so I tend to prefer unisex names for a girl. My favorite unisex name for a girl is Quinn. I also like Finn which I don't think is very popular for girls. A lot of historically male names actually sound feminine to me like Riley and Avery. Spencer is my favorite name for a boy and
    I also like Cameron for a boy. I don't think unisex names are ridiculous at all. I don't understand why people bash them so much. If it isn't their child they shouldn't worry about.

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    Avery - boy
    Jamie - boy
    Pat - boy
    Alex - boy
    Anderson - boy, I didn't realize this was unisex at all
    Casey - boy
    Aaron/ Erin - boy/girl
    Riley - boy
    Cameron - boy
    Dylan - boy
    Taylor - boy
    Drew - boy
    Morgan - boy
    Spencer - boy
    Sam - either, it's a nickname
    Bailey - boy
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    I very rarely like unisex names on girls. I find that I like them better on boys.

    However whatever your preference is. If you're gonna use a unisex name, then don't get offended if someone assumes your kid is the opposite sex.

    Taking a look at your list and all of those are "boy" to me except Erin, Bailey, Sam, Pat and Alex. And the last 3 I find are very unisex because they are nicknames not actual names. Sam is short for Samuel or Samantha. Pat is short for Patrick or Patricia and Alex is short for Alexander or Alexandra.

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    I also like them better on boys, but mostly because a pretty solid chunk of them were originally boy's names, and I prefer to see them as such.
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    Honestly I'm not a huge fan of unisex names but they are everywhere so it is hard to avoid them all together. I say middle names are a better place for unisex names . Also I see them more for girls.

    Avery - girl
    Jamie - girl
    Pat - Patrick or Patricia - either
    Alex - boy
    Anderson - boy
    Casey - girl
    Aaron/ Erin - either
    Riley - either, girl
    Cameron - boy
    Dylan - boy
    Taylor - either, girl
    Drew - boy
    Morgan - boy
    Spencer - boy
    Sam - Samuel or Samantha, either
    Bailey - girl

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