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    Avery - Girl, but wouldn't mind seeing it on a boy.
    Jamie - Either, because to me, it's a nickname.
    Pat - Either; ditto above.
    Alex - Either; ditto above.
    Anderson - Boy
    Casey - That spelling, boy, Kasey = girl.
    Aaron/ Erin - First spelling, boy, second, girl.
    Riley - Girl
    Cameron - Boy
    Dylan - Boy
    Taylor - Girl (my name! )
    Drew - Boy
    Morgan - Girl
    Spencer - Boy
    Sam - Either since it's a nickname.
    Bailey - Girl
    (updated 9/1/17)

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    Quote Originally Posted by namesy View Post
    Yes, looks like we are. I for one love the topic of unisex names, but I'm usually afraid to start any discussions of my own about it because people who disapprove always chime in with how ridiculous they think it is. I respect your opinion on the matter, but I think that those of us that enjoy unisex names have every right to discuss them. You can simply not post in these threads if they annoy you. I would really appreciate that

    Now, on topic: I love unisex names, and I'm a big fan of the current trend of more names becoming unisex. I hope that as time goes on, names will be less and less associated with a single gender. It's just something that is strange to me. I feel the same about toys, clothes, color schemes, and so on.

    All of the names you listed I can easily picture on boys. For girls, the only ones that seem a bit odd are Anderson and Pat, but I don’t like those names for either sex, so maybe that’s why. My favorite is Dylan, which is on my list for boys and girls. I also love Jamie for both, and Alex for girls.
    There was a topic of unisex names started just yesterday. We seriously don't need two going on at the same time.

    Here's the one started yesterday: Favorite Unisex Names?
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    Avery- Girl
    Jamie- Girl
    Pat- Boy nickname for Patrick, I don't like it for a nickname for Patience.
    Alex- Boy
    Anderson- Boy
    Casey- Either
    Aaron/ Erin- Aaron is boy, and Erin is girl.
    Cameron- Boy
    Dylan- Boy for this spelling. Dillon would be cute for a girl.
    Taylor- Either, but I like for a girl more.
    Drew- Either.
    Morgan- Girl
    Spencer- Girl
    Sam- Boy nickname for Samuel, and girl nickname for Samantha
    Bailey- Girl
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    Avery- either
    Jamie- girl
    Pat- boy (unless nn for Patricia, etc)
    Alex- either
    Anderson- boy
    Casey- either, though I know more females than males
    Aaron/ Erin- boy/girl. Two distinguishable names, not unisex to me.
    Riley- girl
    Cameron- I could see either but leans more toward boy
    Dylan- boy
    Taylor- girl
    Drew- mainly boy but it could be cute for a girl
    Morgan- girl
    Spencer- boy
    Sam- either
    Bailey- girl
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    I don't mind unisex names. I have a unisex name and I never got teased for having one. Some of these names I do like better for one gender, but only because I know a person or people of that gender with that name.

    Avery- Girl
    Jamie- Girl
    Pat- Girl
    Alex- Boy
    Anderson- Boy
    Casey- Both (I do like it a smidge better for a boy, but I know both and female Casey's)
    Aaron/ Erin- Girl (Hehe, obviously because Erin is my name)
    Riley- Boy
    Cameron- Boy
    Dylan- Boy
    Taylor- Boy
    Drew- Boy
    Morgan- Boy (I hated this name for both genders until a friend of mine named her son Morgan. It fit him perfectly)
    Spencer- Boy
    Sam- Boy (Although I do have a female friend who goes by Sam and it fits her)
    Bailey- Boy
    Jordan- Adding this name in the list because it is also a unisex name. I like it better for a boy.
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

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