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    I have known about two dozen girls with a name pronounced kate-lin. I've seen it spelled Katelyn, Kaitlyn, Caitlyn, Catelynne, Katelynn, Catelin, Katelin, Katlynn and Catlyn. I don't know any with the original spelling. From my age group, it wouldn't matter HOW you spelled Caitlin, you'd still have to spell it out.

    But there's something elegant about original spellings. Michaela looks a lot fresher than Makayla. There are way more girls named Kaylee than Ceilidh.

    But, I am all for alternate spellings if they are for cultural/family reasons (or if the name is Irish, like Eibhlin or Meabh- more commonly seen as Evelyn or Maeve).

    Clare Elisabeth is made up of two legit names. Clare is the original form of Claire, while Elisabeth is the spelling for several European languages.

    If your grandmother was Lilley, then you might want to honor her using that spelling. But if you think 'y's look cooler than 'i's and more the more vowels the better, then I'd pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I don't mind alternative spellings that are based in history or language differences, but I have an aversion to unnecessarily made-up names/spellings.
    Completely agree!
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    If it is a different but accepted form of the name it's ok...if it's Cre8tive I hate it.
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    I don't mind spelling variations. I think as long as it doesn't get out of hand with too many extra letters or adds nothing to the name, then it is fine. Your name is wonderful!
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