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    Alternative spellings...

    The question is: what do you think of alternative spellings? Although they can add a uniqueness to names, they can also be a pain. My first, middle, and last name are all alternative spellings. I was named Clare Elisabeth rather than Claire Elizabeth and people constantly misspell my name. I have really no preference about alternative vs common spellings but am constantly asked for my opinion. What do you guys think about alternative spellings? Do you think that they are fun or do you think that they are too big of a hassle?

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    The Elisabeth spelling is ancient and just as legitimate as Elizabeth. I think the 's' was/is the French version, and the 'z' spelling is English. I don't mind alternative spellings that are based in history or language differences, but I have an aversion to unnecessarily made-up names/spellings.

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    I think spelling variations like your name where only one or two of the letters are changed are fine. If you have a dear friend/family member whose name is spelled a little different and you want to name your child after them then that's fine too (ex. Naming your daughter Annaleigh after your grandmother with the same spelling) I think it's ridiculous when you put as many different and intricate spellings just because it's "unique" or "looks pretty" (ex. Alycesaundra instead of Alessandra)

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    I think if it is spelled differently for a reason, it's fine... As long as it isn't atrocious, you know? For example, my brother's name is Jaxon, because my mom's maiden name is Jackson, but my parents didn't want him to have the nickname Jack... I guess some people would probably think that was atrocious, but I think it's fine. A lot of people on these forums disagree with me though.

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    It depends on how extreme it is and the reasoning behind it.

    Was it your great grandmother's name and it's an alternative to the original that's widely used? Totally. That's great.

    Are you adding and changing letters because you think it makes it more interesting or unique or less popular? No. Please don't do it.

    There's a lot of gray area between those two though. Like with names like Margo/Margot/Margeaux or names that really have no "accepted" spellings like Lila/Lilla/Lyla/Lylla.

    Generally I try to avoid names that have a lot of common spelling variations, and I'm not in favor of changing common spellings.
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