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    Surely the bride would understand if you didn't go.... honestly, she would have to be a horrible friend not to. You can still help plan, even if you don't go! I am going to a bachelorette party in a couple of weeks where one of the MOH's is in a very similar situation - she will be about 36 months pregnant and the bachelorette is about a 4 hour drive from where she lives. She isn't going, but has been super helpful in planning - and EVERYONE understands. Talk to the bride, I bet it won't be as big a deal as you think.

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    Any OB I have ever encountered would say no way to traveling that far from home at that stage. That's just issue number one with the whole arrangement....

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    I did a lot of things people thought were crazy in later pregnancy (going 1.5 hours away from home, sleeping on friend's floors, etc...) and even camping or music festival doesn't sound THAT bad if you have a perfectly healthy pregnancy with no signs of preterm labor, but there are no guarantees by 36 weeks you won't be exhausted, contracting, have horrid back pain, sore feet, etc. Plus, 4 hours is quite far.

    I would not go. Either help plan, skip it, and offer to host a dinner for the bridal party or do something special with the bride (spa day, perhaps) instead, or convince the other bridesmaid to have another plan.
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    Can you do something else around the same time or slightly earlier closer to home? I think for me the biggest issue would be the four hour drive and I would say if you go then your husband HAS to go with you if nobody else could drive you to the hospital if you're in labor. I attended a wedding that was two hours away when I was like 34 weeks and that was an uncomfortable drive so I think four hours would be just miserable.
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