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    I wouldn't go either. It sounds way more stressful than fun for 36 weeks.
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    I wouldn't go and I'm very very sure my OB wouldn't let me! A 4 hours drive at 36 weeks would be hellish and if you did go into labour even worse! You will be uncomfortable and standing for a long time at a festival would not be fun. The last few weeks of pregnancy are uncomfortable enough.

    Since the wedding is next year surely the hens do closer to the wedding? If not let them do their celebration then, I'm sure your friend will understand.
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    First off - the idea has been proposed. Is this an official decision by the wedding party/girls attending? No sense in getting upset about making a decision if something is only an idea.

    Secondly - if it is just still in the idea phase and you think everyone would enjoy another activity, bring up your idea that is closer to home. No harm in that. If you feel like this is the perfect thing your girlfriends would all love to do together and you'd totally jump on board too if you weren't pregnant, just graciously bow out and wish them all a good time. Do something special with the bride to be (and maybe a few close friends) close to home...something inexpensive and personal. The bride will appreciate your effort and I'm sure no one will hold it against you if you decide not to attend.

    Life is full of tough decisions and decisions that will end up with "losers" or unhappy parties. You can't please everyone. If you don't feel like it's the best timing or situation for you, you need to make the decision that works for you. If others are unhappy, sorry, you can only apologize, offer a quick explanation, and move forward.
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    Thanks, for the advice. Unfortunately, not going is not an option as I'm one of two bridesmaids planning it. However, I could try to veto the idea. I guess the question is whether it is better to be 36 weeks pregnant four hours from home, or attending a staggette/hen do with a newborn in tow. Kind of a lose/lose situation, me thinks.
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    There is no way that I could've done a music festival at 36 weeks. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to know how you'll feel then either. I can guarantee that it won't be fun unless you have a place to sit where you can actually see, a dedicated johnny on the spot, and a beer hat filled with ice water. And maybe a helicopter on hand to airlift you back if you should go into early labor. Sorry, mama, it sounds like an alternative plan needs to be found if you aren't able to pass off the planning reins to another bridesmaid.
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