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    Staggette / Hen Do at 36 weeks?!

    I am a bridesmaid for a wedding early next year, and one of the other bridesmaids has proposed holding the staggette/hen do this Halloween. The kicker – I will be 36 weeks pregnant. The event would be a weekend music festival (masked ball theme) about four hour’s drive from where I live. I’ve looked into it, and I could possibly get a ”hobbit hut” accommodation in the campsite, which has a real bed. I am really not excited about this, but also don’t want to overreact. I guess the major issue is that if I go into labour early, I will either have to drive myself four hours back home (as I suspect I’ll be the only sober one there), or give birth in the local hospital without my husband. I suppose another alternative is to bring the husband and leave him in a hotel room somewhere close by, but I can’t really see him going for this (and I can’t blame him). His view is that I should say no to this plan. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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    I'd bring hubby along. He can stay in the hut if need be.
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    i wouldnt go but wouldnt stop them from doing it. Or bring hubby along if possible

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    I couldn't do it. You don't know how comfortable/miserable you will be then...and there's always the chance you could deliver early. Whats the bathroom situation? How annoyed will you be as the pregnant sober one in the crowd? Have you mentioned it to your doctor? I know my OB didn't want me traveling over an hour away in the last month.

    I'd encourage them to go and have fun and make plans to take the bride out for a nice celebratory dinner instead! Surely everyone will understand.
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    I wouldn't go. I would suggest doing a Stagette dinner a few weeks or so before hand. A lot of people are pregnant while in others' weddings, so it's not uncommon to do something like that to accomodate pregnant women. They should be understanding. That way you can celebrate with the bride to be, while not doing something you're uncomfortable with.
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