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    Verona Jane is nice. What do you think of Verona Starr?

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    Love Verona briar

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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We haven't come up with a decision yet. I think Verona is going to need a more traditional middle name, I kind of wish I'd saved Kate. That's my middle name. It feels a bit weird picking a traditional name and not having a meaning for it.

    At the moment though
    Verona Eden
    Verona Hillary
    Are the ones I like.

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    Since Verona's a bit unusual, give her a nice classic middle name like Grace, Charlotte, Claire, May, or Elizabeth. These all sound complimentary to Verona. Though I think Verena is a bit prettier myself. Could call her Vera either way. DEFINITELY eschew anything trendy or silly like Bay, Lake, Lark, Love, Harper, or Gray! Trendy is your enemy.

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