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    Willow sounds nice, and I don't have any problem with it--it's got a fluid sound to it, could be hippie-ish but isn't necessarily, especially if paired with a more solid middle. Willow Anne sounds nice.

    I prefer Willa because of the author, and the name itself has really grown on me. When I was younger, though, I did prefer Willow. I think it's just a matter of taste.

    I've liked Ivy and Stella for years, Ivy especially. I picked Stella in your poll because it sounded so great with the virtue middles I came up with. I loved Stella Valor and Stella Blythe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazz1509 View Post
    I adore Willow! I think it's a beautiful, classy and flowing. I think it's great for an Australian baby, the name seems to be received differently here then overseas.

    It's on my list as a middle name is this baby is a girl

    I agree with you, seems there is a different view on the name over here. In the States seems a bit hippy-ish.

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    I don't like this name. Never have. Don't know why. I'm American and yes, it's hippyish but recently it's seeming to gain in the trendiness department. I also can't stand Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and I don't like the name Jayden and I automatically lump Willow into the same category as Jayden.

    BUT. It's not obnoxious or ridiculous and I wouldn't gasp in horror if I met a Willow in real life. I wouldn't even roll my eyes. I just personally don't like it and never have. It would probably be more widely accepted outside of the States if that's where you're located. Either way, if you like it, go for it. It's not a bad name.

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    Willow is a beautiful name! I absolutely love it! It's not too outdated in any way and sounds especially pretty when paired with Jane or Anna. Willow sounds good as a middle name also. And then there's Willa, another old fashioned name that still sounds modern in many ways. Both names are known, but not too popular to use.

    Sorry if I sound crazy about these names, it's just that they are both in my favorite girls names. I love them both and it would be great if you used Willow!

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    I really like Willow as it is on my list. I have never met a Willow which makes the name appeal to me a little bit more.

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