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    I adore Willow! I think it's a beautiful, classy and flowing. I think it's great for an Australian baby, the name seems to be received differently here then overseas.

    It's on my list as a middle name is this baby is a girl
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    I just find it ok. I don't have strong feelings about it either way. Ivy and Stella, on the other hand, I love!

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    I love Willow, but I am a sucker for nature names. I find it both graceful and strong, and definitely don't think it was ever popular enough to truly be dated.

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    Willow has always seemed kinda hippie dippy to me, plus I would never use it because of the Willow Smith connection. UGH!

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    I love Willow! I voted for it on your poll. I love the nature connection, and I think it's beautiful, graceful, peaceful, girly in it's own way, and underused. Definitely not dated. Certain names are talked about a lot on nameberry, but I don't think that reflects it's actual popularity in the "real world".

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