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Thread: Few thoughs

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    My favorites are Eliza Cecily and Ava Daphne (though I'm not a super fan of Ava I love the combo)
    I also like Freya but Freya Elise is a little hard to say

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    Elena Melusine -- This is a pretty and interesting combo, but I think it has just a little too much "l". I can't blame you though, because I love names with the "l" sound, so this happens frequently to my combos. How about Elena Daphne?
    Rosalind Melusine -- This is a tongue-twister, although both names are pretty on their own.
    Freya Elise -- Freya is not my style, but these names do sound great together!
    Leda Elodie -- Too many of the same sounds together. Big fan of Elodie though!
    Esme Melusine -- This one is pretty and dreamy, but again, a little hard to say. : /
    Arcadia Melody -- Wow, this one is stunningly beautiful!
    Eliza Cecily -- The z and c sounds make this combo very hissy. Eliza Mabel or Freya Cecily would work better.
    Eva Rosalind -- Very sophisticated and romantic
    Elodie Mabel -- This one is cute and pretty
    Ava Daphne -- I can't pinpoint why, but I don't love the flow of this one. I think I would prefer Ava Rosalind or Freya/Elena Daphne.
    Eliza Mabel -- Yay, Mabel is perfect with Eliza! It balances it and gives it a more sweet, soft side.

    I hope that helps!
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    Well, we have pretty different styles but here goes:

    Eva Rosalind - I like this one a lot. Both names are lovely and they flow together nicely. And a nice meaning "life" "lovely rose"
    Ava Daphne - Ava is pretty, but the repeated a sounds with Daphne aren't the best flow. Ava Melody (life song is a pretty meaning) or Ava Melusine would be nice.
    Rosalind Melusine - it flows beautifully but both names are a bit heavy and frilly and I feel like they weigh each other down. What about Rosalind Freya?
    Eliza Mabel - I prefer this to Eliza Cecily (which is a bit too hissy imo), both are very practical sounding but the combination works nicely. What about Eliza Daphne?
    Arcadia Melody - I live not far from the city of Arcadia and it's not the sort of city I'd want to be named after, lol. The combination feels very word heavy to me as well. What about Acacia?
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    Thanks! I am happy to hear what you have to say.
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    Elena Melusine - I like the names but I don't like the shared "el" in them.
    Rosalind Melusine - I adore Rosalind but I find this combo too long.
    Freya Elise - Flow is good but they're both five letters each so I don't like the way it looks written out on paper.
    Leda Elodie - heavy on the pronounced "d" sound
    Esme Melusine - the two "me" back-to-back doesn't appeal to me.
    Arcadia Melody - too heavy on the word associations
    Eliza Cecily - I love these two names and they sound fine together. A very British combo!
    Eva Rosalind - Two gorgeous names with no shared similarities is a winner!
    Elodie Mabel - The names are fine but you really love the "el" sound, don't you?
    Ava Daphne - this is good and I like that the "p" in Daphne breaks the straight line of the combo.
    Eliza Mabel - I love this two names but again the similar "el" sound ("El" in the beginning of Eliza and "el" at the end of Mabel).
    All the best,

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