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    I've heard it a few times, but it's usually a family surname. I know one Duke that was named after the university though...
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    I think of it as a dogs name although I don't really like it.

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    I have a cousin who just used this name for her son, it's not completely terrible but it does feel like the halfway point between naming your kid Cowboy or Princess. I feel like it's more accepted because of it's flat sound and similarity to Luke.
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    I know a Duke, but his real name is Louis. Apparently when he was a kid he was all in the "me do it" stage only it came out sounding like "me duke", so they called him Duke. To my knowledge no one has called him Louis since. So it doesn't sound weird to me on a person, at least not a grown man, HOWEVER I would worry about giving it to a child who would have to grow up potentially being teased because of the similarities to the words dude, doof/doofus, douche, et c.

    But on the other hand, it's kind of a badass name. Like I could see a Duke being a really popular, cool, nice guy in high school/college and everyone loving his name, but he'd have to have the personality to pull it off. If Duke was shy and wimpy he'd probably get teased for it a lot.
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    I'd never heard of 'dookey' as slang for crap. Duke just makes me think of John Wayne.

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