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    Need character naming help!

    Starting out on a new story and I need help with names. I have some ideas but I'd love to see what you can come up with.

    Takes place in 1908 – England

    Narrator: 17, green eyes and dark brown hair. She is youngest child of a wealthy English family. She’s generally wise beyond her years but she can have a tendency to daydream. She always feels a little out of place wherever she goes. I’m thinking of a very charming and unique vintage name for her. A nickname is important. My first thought is Araminta, nn Minty.

    Distant Cousin: 18, green eyes and light blonde hair. Classic old money East Coast American girl. She has two sides to her: the idealist and the vixen. She can see the good in people and manipulate it at the same time, just depends on how she’s feeling that day. I’d like her name to have a heavier, darker feeling. Veronica, maybe?

    Love interest: 20, navy blue eyes and light brown hair. He is half French and half English, also quite wealthy. He comes off as very cold and reserved. He’s a mysterious newcomer to the social circle and I think his name should reflect the mysteriousness. Mystery and subtle warmth all wrapped in one would be amazing.

    Middle and last names would be really appreciated as well. Thank you so much!

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