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    It was for quite some time, but currently is not. It is still in the top 200 though. I hate how popular it is.

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    My name has been in the top 100 for decades, and often made the top 50 or even 25. Yet I very rarely encounter anyone else with my name. Which is why I'm not as concerned about top 100 names being "too popular" the way some people are.

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    My name jumped into the top 1000 in the 400s the year before I was born and has grown from there. For the last 10 years it has bounced around between 50-70 and been subject to creative spelling as well. So yes I grew up with an almost unknown and now have a common name for little girls. Annoying! It is very confusing for people when I introduce myself and my daughters because they always assume my name is one of my children's.

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    Casey was #486 in 2012, maybe just a smudge higher if you include all of the alternate spellings!
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    My name was #35 the year i was born and its been in the top 100 since them, but looks like it may drop out soon.

    As a kid i only knew one other girl with my name and she was about 8 years younger than me so it was never an issue. I knew a few more by high school but never actually had any classes with them. There are now 2 others in my friend group, but we go by different nicknames and we rarely have all 3 of us together at one time so it hasn't been too confusing.

    It must make a big difference between #1 and #35, because Jessica and Ashley were the top two names the year i was born and i feel like I've met several thousand of each, but only a handful with my name. Location plays a role in that, obviously, but sometimes i wonder if having a top 100 name is really as negative as we sometimes think, or if anything ranked #11-100 would be easy enough to live with
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