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    @Sarahmezz - Thanks! I will check that out The SA Births, deaths and marriages website had a data base where you could search for a name and find out how many babies were born that year with that name in SA but they don't have it anymore. As I used the we site more than I care to admit and even wrote down some stats, I do know that in the year I was born there were only 9 Jasmine's born in SA. Which is the most popular out of all my siblings names for the year we were born! My brother "wins" though being the only Gavin born in SA in the year he was born.
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    Cora is currently ranked #155 in the US.

    A fun little fact I just noticed: When I was born in 1988, Cora was #877. That is the lowest it has ever been in the US since these records were kept. It seems odd that my mother named me it in the year it appeared the lowest. However, I am almost sure that my mother did not worry about the popularity of the names she gave her children. She finds it odd if I mention that a name I love is in the top 100. It's like she can't believe I would ever know that.
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    When I was born my name was #325, now it is #988 so barely in the top 1000
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    I'm Jessica so I was number one in the UK when I was born (I think), though I don't think my parents were too bothered by popularity when they chose it. It's slipped from the top in the last few years I believe but is at number 4, I think this year. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)
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    Yep it still is, but it's slowly dropping.

    Strangely, I never met another Kimberly until college, but now in my medium sized company there are 4 others in the building!

    So it feels more popular to me now than it used to, but it's actually less popular in terms of new babies with the name.
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