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    My name has never been close to the top 100. It is currently ranked in the 600s. I have only had another Raquel in my class once. If I lived in Spain, my name (Raquel) would be in the top 100. My name choices range from the more popular (Amelia) to the less common Helena.
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    @stripedsocks - Thank you, thank you, thank you! I booked marked it so I can have a proper look once my kids are in bed
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    No, but it was #53 the year I was born. It's at #219 now.
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    Ahuh, very popular. Like top 10.

    The thing is I used to think my name was uncommon, and it was weird at the age of 18 finally meeting another Olivia who was 10 years younger. Now I meet Olivias all the time.

    But when I was born Olivia was in the top 20, so maybe it was a fluke that I never met any others.
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    Mine is in the top 1000!
    Bryn #774
    However I have never met someone else with the same name as me
    I have heard of boys with the name Bryn but I really want to meet a girl Bryn particularly the same age.

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