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Thread: Just found out!

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    Just found out!

    My husband and I have been trying to concieve off and on for some time now. With him being in the military it isn't the easiest. He's gone for months at time, so we don't get as much time as we need to. With all the stress and trying, we finally did it!! We have a couple of names in mind:

    For a boy:
    Cohen. It's a definite. I'm aware of all the debates about the name. I respect it's origins. There is just something about it and I really do plan to use it. Please don't post and try to sway me from it. I need middle names though! Something different and beautiful. For example I saw a boy's name with the middle name August. It's so unorthodox. And I saw a little girl's middle name was Berlin. I need something unique like that!

    For a girl:

    I really love the name Olive. My hubby isn't though. Are there any names very close to it? (I don't mean Olivia) But a classic. Something not overused and unique. It's beautiful. Middle name Ideas would be great too!!

    I also like 'E' names.

    Thank you so much for your help!!

    With Love - Mariah
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    Congrats! Since you've got 9 months to reconsider, I do hope you'll open your mind to names like Cabot (He was an explorer, how cool is that?!). As to Olive-type names...


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    How about Merit for a girl? I don't know how I got from Olive to Merit...

    How about Cohen Bay? I like Bay for a boy or a girl. How about Birch? Cohen Birch?

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    Yay for successful baby-making!
    Cohen is not really my cup of tea regardless of its religious significance and it was #91 in Canada for 2012 (as a rule I like to cross off the first 100 names) but I respect your right to choose whatever you darn well please. For a middle name I like to go with something with a great deal of personal meaning, are there any family/important place names that stand out for you?

    I like the suggestion for Odette or Yvette, for E names are you into Everly, Evelyn, Embry, etc.?
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