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    I agree, I don't think it's appropriate to limit choices based on race. It does far more good to expand choices into other cultures than to restrict them, both for your child and for race relations in general.

    I did want to mention that there have been some studies done that show that giving your child (that is of a culture) a name that is perceived to be of that culture actually hinders them throughout their life. Not because of anything they do, but because society tends to make judgments of them based on their name alone. It affects everything from how well they do in school to their job opportunities to whether they get picked for juries. I'm putting in a couple links.

    Freakonomics » How Much Does Your Name Matter? A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

    “Ethnic-sounding first names” and getting the job « The Jury Room

    So I guess I'm saying I wouldn't worry about what race the child is, just pick names you love.

    And major kudos for adopting and being open to children in need of all races. Lots of love to you and your family <3
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    I don't think the race of your child should really affect the name. Because really, it would just be sad if you gave your child a name you just "liked" because you wondered about the backlash of giving them a different one. I'm black, and my name is Skylar, which is pretty rare for a black girl. And I love it. First, I love it because it's pretty unique (though growing in popularity *sigh*). Second, I love that my name is unexpected, and it makes people think twice. So many times I've introduced myself and had the other person reply, "That's such a pretty name." Don't shortchange your kid. And the names you've chosen sound beautiful. I say go for it Also, I love the name Eloise, but I prefer it without the "u" because the name has no ties to Louise, despite the similarity. But go with what feels right (So many smileys because my heart gets warm and fuzzy when I hear about adoption)

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    I don't believe that you have to be the same ethnicity of your name. I think any name goes.

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