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    I think Mahalia would be good.

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    I just want to add this - my parents are from different cultures, and briefly considered giving me a name that would "fit in" with my father's culture. They ended up not doing that, and I got a popular 90s name instead. I am eternally grateful, because I ended up having practically nothing to do with my father's side of the family. One thing I always loved about my name is how it blended in with my mother's side of the family. All of my cousins had traditional names and 90s popular names. I felt like one of them, which is priceless. Perhaps you should give your adopted child a name that fits in with your family, because she is going to be a part of your family much more than she will be a part of anything else. Also, culture is the environment someone lives in, not their physical traits and biological inheritance. She will be living in your environment, so she will be part of your culture. Just a thought.

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    I wouldn't even worry about the kids race. Name the kid, don't worry about the variety of the child.

    I'm multiracial. I do not think my parents were thinking of my ethnic mix when they named me after a goddess from a fantasy fiction book. My daughter, Charlotte, is also technically multiracial but looks Caucasian. When we picked her name, it was more for who she looked like to me, and nothing to do really with her appearance. I wouldn't go with, or avoid, a name just because of the ethnic variety of the child. I wouldn't even have that as a consideration.

    Now, I might not name a dark haired child "Summer" or a blue eyed blonde kid "Hazel" but that's just me.

    If you want a name that can stand up to anything, pick something classic that resonates for you.
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    Thank you for the thoughts everyone! And I am relieved to hear that no one thinks that an AA child named Mathilda will be looked at funny. On the other hand, I do want to honor her culture/race/heritage and know that I will be keeping at least part of her original name in order to do so. Maybe I am just over thinking it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yreynolds View Post

    Now, I might not name a dark haired child "Summer" or a blue eyed blonde kid "Hazel" but that's just me.
    Haha! I always wonder if my best friend's mom realized that she was named her (super blond/blue eyed) daughter a name that meant "dark haired"!

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