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    Both are pretty names but I prefer Sabrina for its water goddess association, the Audrey Hepburn film and its poetic elegance.
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    Sabrina! It is elegant and timeless where Serena feels very dated to me.

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    I would say Serena out of the two I'm not a fan of Sabrina at all..I really love Sabine though!!
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    I much prefer Sabrina. Not entirely sure why. Maybe it's a mix of Audrey Hepburn and Serena Williams influence I like the nn's better as well.
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    I find that Sabrina is more interesting, I love that it's an old name that still maintains a feeling of freshness. Sabrina makes me think of wild woods and mysteries while Serena just makes me think of sailor moon which is not a bad connotation but the character is made rather annoying and immature and that has ingrained itself into my mind.
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