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    My name is Sabrina. I'm pretty neutral toward it (I'd prefer shorter) but other people compliment it a lot.

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    I like both but prefer Serena. I think the "b" in Sabrina can sound a bit harsh at times.

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    I love both but I prefer Sabrina because its the name of one of my friends.
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    I think I prefer Sabrina.. It just sounds a bit more fun than Serena which is maybe a bit dated.
    I admit Sabrina does make me think of the teenage witch!

    I'm not a huge fan of either though.. But I do love the name Sina

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    The "br" in the middle of Sabrina does bring a little harshness to it that Serena doesn't have. So in this case the last name has to be very soft or you need a mn that is very soft to take some of the edge off.

    I don't care for Serena. If going that route... I would prefer Celena/Celina.

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