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    Serena or Sabrina?

    Which one do you prefer and why?

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    I prefer Sabrina. It feels lighter, and a bit elfin/catlike to me. I do associate it with Ms. Hepburn, in terms of slim retro grace, but without the nasal drilling quality of the sound AUDDDDDDREY (I've heard some people scream the name Audrey recently, and believe you me, the name's never recovered for me...).

    I do associate the name with cats for some reason that I'm not entirely clear on myself, but I think it's quite manageable IRL and not like Cleopatra or even Tabitha as far as feline-ness.

    I like Sabrina, Selena, and Susannah, but not Serena. I'm not sure why. It just sounds heavier and more dour.

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    I don't really like either, but out of the two I prefer Serena.
    Sabrina was the daughter of my awful next door neighbor when I lived in a rougher neighborhood. Her mother had this huge pile of trash in her backyard (so high that it looked like a mountain and we could see it over our fence,) along with a rather bad habit of calling the police whenever she felt like it. She was into smoking on her porch all day, and very loud confrontations. Sabrina, who was sadly caught in the crossfire, has been associated with that nightmare ever since. The movie Sabrina starring Audrey Hepburn has only started to ease the image.
    Serena is just a personal preference. Something about the name irks me. But compared to Sabrina, I like it a lot more.

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    I like them both. But I slightly prefer Sabrina more. My answer is bias though, my twin sister is Sabrina.
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    Serena is my choice. It sounds sweet and tranquil, while Sabrina sounds sour.

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