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    Names that give me Daine?

    I've fallen in love with Daine - that spelling! - for a girl. She's the main character in Tamora Pierce's Immortals books, and there, it's short for Veralidaine, which is of course not an option. I don't think it works by itself and I don't like the 'first and middle but goes by middle' option either. She'd go by Daine most of the time, though. The only thing I've been able to think of is Dana, which I don't like. Thoughts?

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    Daine said like Dane then? I really can't find much (and nothing with that spelling)


    And that's it. Maybe just name her Daine/Dane? -- My Amazon Author Page

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    LOL, Veralidaine was my first thought when I saw this thread and I see that's where you got it from! I love Daine/Dane on a girl because of these books too Also Numair/Arram, because let's face it, he was dreamy.

    I think @dantea got it pretty much right with the suggestions, I can't think of anything else that works (besides Veralidaine which, you're right, is a little too much IRL). Just wanted to say I like it, though!

    ETA: Whoa, random inspiration. What about Danika or Danielle/Daniela NN Daine? The sound is a bit off so it's a stretch, but the right letters are there. Also Delaine or Delaney NN Daine/Dane could work I think.
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    If Dane is name in it's own right, why not just Daine? The only problem I see with it is that when I first read the title of this thread, I thought it said Diane.

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    I love the Immortals books they are so wonderful! I think Daine could certainly be a stand alone name it's strong and spunky and comes with a great character namesake what not to love? I can't think of any other names it could be short for that haven't already been suggested but I love Greyer's thought of Delaney nn Daine for some reason that just seems to really work.
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