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    Lady counterparts for our boy's list!

    This is our (very short!) boy list:


    Leo and Jed would only be Leonardo and Jedediah on their birth certificates. Dashiell and Alasdair would be Dash and Al a lot but not all the time.

    So I guess we like a grounded but unusual nickname paired with a slightly quirky first name. We don't like very common classics like Katherine and Elizabeth, and we don't like frilly or super girly.

    Any ideas? We're totally clueless.
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    Out of the four you posted, I like Leo the best

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    The first girl name that comes to mind is Clarity with nn Clare.
    BTW, I LOVE Dash!

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    Oh wow. That's not a lot to work with! But I'll try to give you a lot of different styles and see if anything sticks, even if it's just something you can say, "oh yeah, more like that!"

    Josephine nn. Josie or Jo
    Antonia nn. Annie
    Arden nn Ari
    Adrienne nn Adri
    Hadley nn Hattie (or Haddie I guess, but I like the other spelling better)
    Colette nn Colie or Etta
    Matilda nn Tillie
    Delilah nn Lila
    Madeleine nn Maddie
    Roslind nn Rose
    Bronwen nn Bree or Winnie
    Wren nn Birdie
    Imogen nn Ginny
    Georgia nn Georgie
    Cassandra nn Cassie or Cassia
    Genevieve nn Evie
    Lucretia nn Lulu
    Charlotte nn Lottie or Charlie
    Caroline nn Lina

    Like I said, a lot of styles! Anything jump out at you??

    Also, you can check out and play around with it.
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