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    Quote Originally Posted by phoebesmom View Post
    Rowena June Ariadne. I think that accomplishes all the goals in a very meaningful package.
    Second this! Love Rowena

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    I also pronounce Rowena row-enna with a soft E. I love it like that. My favorite Rowena combination is Rowena June Arianne, partly because it keeps the sound of her birth name. I think Ariadne sounds great too. I cannot pronounce Arianrhod.

    I'm still loving Adelaide for her, both because of how you've described her and how it fits with the sibset. I've always loved Lady as a nickname, or Del / Della, or Ada (Adah) instead of Addie. I love Cecily too, and I can't see it becoming popular. Cecilia I can see, or Celeste, but somehow Cecily seems safe to me.

    I think you can call her Roo regardless.

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    I like Rosamund Eve Arianrhod

    If you like Ruxandra, maybe you'd like R u m e s h a . It's the name of a friend of mine, and it means "princess". My friend pronounces Roo-may-shah, so you could get Roo out of it

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    Arianrhod Rowena June - I think you can definitely pull Roo from Arianrhod, and easily from mn Rowena. Arianrhod is so unusual and gorgeous.
    Rowena June Arianrhod - A softer combination, but still stunning. Between Winifred and Rowena, you could have two Winnies on your hands!
    Rosamund Eve Arianrhod - I like the feminine strength of this one- the Virgin Mary, Eve, and Arianrhod - three powerful women in one name! Rosamund is heavenly.
    Gwendolen Aria June - Mellifluous and elegant. The softest of your options. I think you could still call her Roo as a pet-name.

    Rowena June Ariadne - There's something dark about Ariadne to me - labyrinths and snakes and spiderwebs.
    Rowena June Arianne - Arianne on the other hand doesn't have enough bite for me. Vaguely liquid, carrying no particular image.
    Arianrhod Rosalia June - Prefer Rowena in the middle here. Rosalia is lovely, but slightly Spanish in flavor, whereas Rowena is more in keeping with the rest of the name - rowan trees and the moon in june...
    Ruxandra Arianrhod June - I love Ruxandra but it is a bit intense next to Arianrhod.

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    I love Rosamund Eve Arianrhod! Best wishes to you and little Roo
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