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    If you're iffy on dropping her given name completely, I would use Arianne or Arianna instead.

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    Fingers crossed that Boo will soon be part of your family!

    I love Gwendolen Rosalia, Ruxandra, and Rosamund with Winifred. Any of the three would get you to Roo (even Gwen, via Rosalia.)

    I agree that Arryan is questionable. There's Arianrhod, the Welsh moon goddess. The Welshness might be a nice tie to Winifred. Or Irene?
    Rosamund Eve Arianrhod?
    Ruxandra Octavia Irene
    Gwendolen Aria Simone, Gwendolen Arya June

    Ah just saw that you're leaning toward Rowena. Very pretty. Rowena Irene Clare

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    Thank you for all the help!

    Love the suggestions of Arianne/etc. I'm glad I'm not the only one a bit flummoxed by the name. If it's any consolation, I am absolutely confident that the unfortunate connotations were not intended. They simply liked the sound.

    Arianrhod. Love it, Em, thank you. Signed, sealed, delivered. Mythological, honours her given name, links her up to Winifred. Too obscure to pull off as a first?

    @ phoebesmom - Yes, we did get her in June. I hadn't even been thinking of that when I put it in a combo above, but yes, very special. I am seriously in love with this squirt, she makes the most ridiculous "concentration" faces. And she's fascinated by itty-bitty Fritzie.

    Can I get votes on these, lovelies? Or any suggestions for variations on these and other likes?

    Rowena June Arianrhod

    Rowena June Ariadne

    Rowena June Arianne

    Rosamund Eve Arianrhod (thanks, emmabobemma, love this combo, and the next one

    Gwendolen Aria June (negatives - no way to get to Roo...which I'm quite attached to now)

    Arianrhod Rosalia June (possible nn Ari?)

    Ruxandra Arianrhod June

    Arianrhod Rowena June (leaning on this. Still can call her "Ru" transitional and as a nickname, but her first name remains very close in sound to the original)

    (by the way, full name for the other girly is Winifred Calla Seraphine. An we'd be pronouncing Rowena...row-enna. That's cool, right?)

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    Rosamund Eve Arianrhod has my vote
    Coraline "Corey", Georgiana "Georgie", Cecilia "Cici", Guinevere "Gwen", Rosamond "Rozz"

    Everett "Rhett", Quentin "Quinn", Cornelius "Coren", Cormac "Mac", Heath

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    Rowena June Ariadne. I think that accomplishes all the goals in a very meaningful package.

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