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    I absolutely adore Lavender June. It's sweet, soft, with a nature-y, dreamy feel to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmonaut View Post
    @stripedsocks - Is it strange to appropriate a Hebrew name/word having no Jewish background? On another it strange just to call her Roo/Rue? Does it need to have something longer tied to it? One thing I came up with was Ruxandra, which is the name of one of my favourite contemporary poets (Ruxandra Cesereanu), and it's a Romanian variation of Roxana/Roxane. LOL re: Rubina. Not a fan myself. There's Ruth, but it's a bit crusty-clunky for a first name.
    I don't think it's appropriation to use a Biblical name, no. And Ruhama is minor, minor, but she's there (...along with the girls named Noa and Michal and other names no one thinks of as the Standard Biblical Girls Names...). But it is offbeat, so I don't know if it's a bit much.

    I love Ruxandra. I've never heard it before but it's going to be in my mind now. I'm a long-term fan of Roxana and Roxelana so Ruxandra is appealing.

    I do like just Rue, but I sort of worry about the meaning "regret" being seen as a hardcore downer, even though there are classic names with similar meanings like Mary being "bitter," they're not as word-related. I do think about using it anyway, as Rue is also a beautiful herb, sometimes known as herb-of-grace.

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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    Lavender or Felicity sounds perfect for her.

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    I definitely like the two middles idea - it will give her a tie to her sister. I think Rue is a cute thing to get in there to give a tie to the "Boo" nickname. Hazel screams serious-but-sweet to me, as do Adelaide and Elsbeth. Lavender also fits IMO. I love Beatrix, but I see a feisty, spunky girl rather than a sweet, cuddly little one. As far as Clotilde, I do agree that it is an intense name. Perhaps in the middle spot? And Ruxandra is nice as well, though unfamiliar to me. Some combo ideas (took some names from your signature):
    Hazel Althea Clare
    Hazel Elsbeth Rue
    Adelaide Iris Aurore (FWIW, I think the nickname Lady for Adelaide is the cutest thing!)
    Adelaide Phaedra Clotilde
    Elsbeth Odelia Fleur
    Elsbeth Ottilie Niamh / Elsbeth Ottilie Neve
    Lavender Elsbeth Aurore
    Lavender Mary Selene
    And a bonus: Ruxandra Calliope Sage

    Good luck! I think it's wonderful that you are going to adopt this little one!


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