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    Thoughts on this list of girls names?

    Any favourites/least favourites from the list? Fiancee and I have been going over it so much I feel it's losing all meaning xD
    Any ideas for names which aren't on the list but which seem to match our "style" would be very much welcomed!!

    We're both Irish (and in Ireland) so lots of Gaelic names here, and we also love traditional classics!
    And yes... we're Game of Thrones/ASOIAF fans :P

    Surname is O'Connor!

    Elizabeth (nn Lizzie, Beth)
    Caoimhe (KWEE-vah)
    Cliona (pronounced like 'Cleena' more than Cleo-na)
    Clodagh (KLO-dah)
    Fionnuala (finn-OOH-la)
    Maeve (may-ve)

    We've never shared this list before so any/all comments are welcome - do you think GoT names Sansa/Arya would be a bit too 'trendy'?

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    My favorites from your list are..Eleanor & Madeline.

    Lyra - why don't you try Kyra (Kye-ra) instead.

    Fionnuala (finn-OOH-la) -this one has too many of the same sounds as your surname, I would steer clear of this choice.

    Caoimhe, Cliona, & Clodagh - I foresee a lot of pronunciation issues in your daughters future if you go with any of these.
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    I have never seen the other list so I will share my opinions. Not too sure if you should add to the list since this one is pretty long but I do not think GoT is too trendy. I think since you and your fiance are super fans it may come off that way. Plus relating names to something you love is never a bad thing.

    *Eleanor- It is not my style personally but I think is it a great name with awesome NN potential. Plus I feel like it is flying under the raydar again when before I felt like all I was hearing is Eleanor Rose everywhere.
    Abbey- Not a fan of this one, bad imagery just comes to mind maybe because I went to HS with a mean girl names Abbey.
    *Anabel- Love this, is it classic, sweet, and has an elegant ring to it. The spelling is alright I prefer Anabel but maybe that is an irish spelling?
    *Clara- I like this one, I think it ages very well. And I can picture it on a sweet quiet little girl or adult. Yet an outgoing, funny, spunky child or adult.
    Cora- This name is growing on me, I use to not like it but I have seen some amazing Cora combos floating around here. Not my fave but I don't dislike it.
    Elizabeth (nn Lizzie, Beth)- I see this a middle name always, not to sure why I just am not a fan of Elizabeth.
    Lyra- Its not bad but I keep wanting to say "your a lyra!" Like Liar. Just what comes to mind.
    Madeline- Super sweet name, classic, and reminds of Europe. No idea why its just what image comes to my mind.
    *Violet- I am a sucker for Violet. I don't think I would ever use it but I like it. I definitely see this on a spunky, super sweet, kind, fashion loving yet smart child or adult. That is the image it gives me.
    Caoimhe (KWEE-vah)- I think you may have a life time of pronunciation problems. I am in the US and I can barely say that. I also struggle even to say Niamh right.
    Cliona (pronounced like 'Cleena' more than Cleo-na)- Again with the pronunciation issues. But this one is not as bad. Your child may get the Cleo-na pronouciation.
    Clodagh (KLO-dah)- I just do not find this feminem for a girl. I almost feel it is for a boy who lives in Alaska.
    *Eden- I have always liked Eden, I knew one in college and she was very earthy, tall, with blonde hair and pretty. That is what I picture a laid back, earthy baby who is quiet, smart and pretty.
    Fionnuala (finn-OOH-la)- Not bad, but I feel like I am saying an Italian word with I say it. Or a type of speghatti. Sorry if that is harsh just being honest.
    *Matilda- Super chic, sweet, and I like it. It ages well too. Plus has nice NN potential Tilda, Matty, Matil
    Rachel- Eh not really a fan.
    *Sansa- I like this one is very exotic to me in a good way and she definitley will be the only one in her class I feel with that name. Plus with the right middle name will totally make it swoon worthy.
    Saoirse- If I am pronoucing this right I am not a fan.
    Viola- I like this because it is closely related to Violet I think with Viola it gives off a lot of elegance. And it smoother then the harsh T on the end of Violet.
    Amelie- Not a fan
    Arya- Eh I do not really like this one.
    Bethany- Very pretty, I am just not into obvious NN like Beth.
    Brooke- I have never liked this. It just does not paint a pretty image in my head.
    *Celine- I like this I think people never use it for I have never seen it really on the boards and if you find a pretty longer middle I think it would be stunning.
    Chloe- I really can only picture this name on a baby and child. Never an adult.
    *Emmeline- I like this it is different then Madaline and looks prettier too. Has a Europe type vibe or I feel it fits perfectly with the area you are living in.
    Jane- Short, strong, yet soft and classic. You can never go wrong with Jane.
    *Julia- Very old school classic. I am a lover of Juliet so I picture my old Italian family which I love that image. And I feel it is short, classy and sweet.
    *Maeve (may-ve)- This one is growing on me, I only knew one girl in Middle school with the name. But i have seen some lovely combos floating around with the name choice. I think an easier Irish name to say.
    Paige- Not a fan. I just picture a page in a book.
    *Seren- This is pretty, I think because of the way it is pronounced it gives off a very light, bright type feel. I like this one its very pretty.

    I * my favorites with he ones I think go with your last name. I hope this helped, defintley a longggg list which I think you have some great names to choose from and do not need anymore hahah. I know adding almost gets you excited atleast for me but then it becomes overwhelming and like you said the names almost make you feel numb to them.
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    Great list!

    From your classics, my top five are:
    1. Eleanor
    2. Clara
    3. Emmeline
    4. Anabel
    5. Cora

    However, since you are both Irish and you live in Ireland, I would go with Fionnuala, since you are in Ireland there won't be any, or if there are it will be very few pronounciation problems.

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    Great list! Since you're Irish and live in Ireland, didn't think there would be an issue with pronunciation Saoirse (which if I'm not mistaken is pronounced like 'seer-sha') and Fionnuala stood out to me as pairing beautifully with your surname. And as for the traditional classics names....while they're all pretty...I particularly thought Eleanor would be a great choice! (Good luck!)
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