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    Wow, thank you for all the feedback.

    Right now, Beatrix, Adelaide, Lavender, Elsbeth, and Hazel are the frontrunners for firsts. Any ideas for combos? Is nn "Lady" for Adelaide too Lady and the Tramp? Any other ideas for firsts? I thought of Clotilde, as well, which is a personal favourite, but I don't know that I'd want to saddle a child with such an intense, generally unfamiliar name.

    Beatrix, Elspeth, and Adelaide all have religious associations or are saints names. But Lavender and Hazel don't, so I'd prefer if the middle had something mythological to it. Lavender Ariadne too much?


    @gigi - Beatrix is one of my favourites. I think you're right about "Bee" being a nice, easy transition from Boo. It's one of my favourite names. Nameberry seems to like it okay. My only issue is that people I run into in real life don't seem keen on it for some reason, not that that will decide it, but something to think on it. Eleanor is sweet, but I know about four under 10! The issues of living in hipsterville, sigh.

    @biblio - Oh, I love all of those suggestions. Thank you. I'm all for giving the little one lots of nickname options.

    @novaberry - Thank you! Bethany has always been a favourite of mine, but some people find it thoroughly dated, or associate it with girls you meet at Bible Camp. Hyacinth is another suggestion I like. It seems too heavy, though? Too serious, perhaps? Bordering on snobby? I'm going to look over your combinations, thanks.

    @tuitree - Hazel is definitely on the list. Isabeau is a great suggestion! I worry about her getting lost amongst the Isabels and Isabellas, though.

    @emekct - I've thought about using it as a second middle, since Winifred has two middles, and then all the girlies could have two middles, which might be nice. The name is, think, A----n Brotherhood (spelled slightly differently...obviously, minus "brotherhood"). Will likely delete this soon. As she's so young, I cannot predict how she will feel about her name. All I know is that at the present moment, when she came to us, she had no connection to it at all, and at her age, one should be responding to their name. When she's older, if she seeks to change it back, we will gladly comply. As she's a baby now, I feel like it's our job to consider her bests interests, and if we've made the wrong choice, so be it, as that's something all parents have to live with at some point.

    @stripedsocks - Is it strange to appropriate a Hebrew name/word having no Jewish background? On another it strange just to call her Roo/Rue? Does it need to have something longer tied to it? One thing I came up with was Ruxandra, which is the name of one of my favourite contemporary poets (Ruxandra Cesereanu), and it's a Romanian variation of Roxana/Roxane. LOL re: Rubina. Not a fan myself. There's Ruth, but it's a bit crusty-clunky for a first name.

    @wintersage - Oh, thank you for digging up all that extra information. It is a beautiful name, but not sure how I feel about the sound of it overall.

    @c2@29 - Those are two of my favourites, too. Maybe I'll combine them for Lavender Elspeth...

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    I am loving Hazel and Adelaide for you! You might also like Laurel.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    First I just want to say that I admire you're naming style, your children have wonderful names. I believe Heidi is the traditional nn for Adelaide, I think it's very cute. I love Lavender as a fn but the er in Lavender doesn't flow as well into the ar of Ariadne, it sounds a bit harsh and r heavy. I love the idea of a mythological mn, though! Here are some mythological names I like with Lavender and Hazel:


    I love Clothilde/Clotilda, but I understand your hesitancy to use but, it reminds me of Otthild which makes me think of the option Ottilie or Otttiline for you. I love all of the names you have right now, my favorites being Beatrix, Elspeth and Lavender. Hazel and Adelaide are lovely as well and could also make nice middles. If Winifred has two mn's it would be nice if her sister did too and that way you get to choose 3 names! More names, more fun : )
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    I love the suggestion of Felicity Juliet! Juliet in particular brings to mind the serious-but-sweet idea.
    I like Lavender quite a bit, but always struggle with a nickname. Perhaps she would be one whose nickname doesn't relate to her name but to some other quality, or maybe she would continue to be Boo (which is adorable). Lavender Elspeth is a lovely combo.
    Hazel and Adelaide are not favorites of mine and while I like Beatrix, it makes me think more of a mischievous, imp-ish type girl and that might not be a good fit.
    How about:

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    Sounds like you have a sweet little girl : ) I really love Hazel Rue. And no, it is not strange to call her just Rue. If she doesn't like it when she's older, however, I think a long-ish first name would do the trick. I like your suggestion of Lavender for that purpose, or maybe Violet : )
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