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    name for a serious but sweet toddler?

    Ayo! You might've noticed me lurking about lately, and it's because S.O. and I have recently come into fostering an 19-month old girl. Times are pretty ridiculous. Our tiny house is bursting at the seams. Everything is sticky. On a positive note, the gender balance is finally settling :P

    She is not yet legally free for adoption, but in all likelihood, she will be in a few months according to her case agent and the social worker who represents our family. It's a long saga I will not get into, but suffice it to say she will probably become our child within the year.

    For privacy reasons, I will not share her given name, but it's nothing I would ever choose, and is borderline problematic. (Think something like "Natzee." Obviously, not that, but worrisome for similar reasons). She has no middle name.

    I'm familiar with much of the politics surrounding changing names of adoptees. We've decided that we feel quite confident doing it in this case. That said, we are aware of the issues.

    When we first got her, she was quite despondent and unresponsive, and did not know her name (about four weeks ago). In this short time, she's livened up spectacularly. She laughs easily, is very cuddly, but is not what I'd call energetic. She prefers quiet activities and minimal noise. A serious but sweet girl.

    We've been calling her Boo, because that's what we call all the wee ones.

    Any ideas for a quiet, serious, exceptionally affectionate toddler?

    Here's what we've got so far:

    Lavender June
    Elsbeth Octavia
    Marjorie Simone
    Felicity Eve
    Gwendolen Rosalia

    I'm not wedded to anything. Nothing's jumping out. It's hard already knowing her.

    I don't prefer names that end in A, but there are exceptions. I like names with Christian and/or mythological resonance...and combos that feel story-bookish.

    Mary | Elsbeth | Clotilde | Everild | Beatrix | Junia | Tabitha | Gwendolen | Octavia | Eve | March | Edwen

    Simeon | Lionel | Barnabus | Ezekiel | Hector | Ignatius | August | Jove | Sayer | Booker | Mariner | Cecil | Godfrey

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    Vivienne Delilah
    Vivienne Eleanor
    Hazel Elodie
    Clara Vivienne
    Ivy Adelaide
    Willa Beatrice
    Cordelia Mathilde
    Ginevra Blythe

    I don't have a middle name for it, but I'd like to add Reverie.
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