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    I selected Saint Genevieve for my confirmation saint. I was between her and Saint Seraphina. I also recommend Saint Germaine/Germaina. She has a very inspirational story!
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    I have chosen not be confirmed, but my sister was when she was fifteen. She chose Saint Catherine of Sienna.
    If I were to be confirmed, my choice would most likely be Saint Elisabeth of Hungary (she's the patron saint of hospitals, nurses, homeless people, and dying children to name a few), Saint Agnes of Rome (the patron saint of Chasity, girls, and rape victims) or Saint Edith Stein (patron saint of Europe, loss of parents, and converted Jews.)

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    I chose Kateri myself . I think Therese would sound lovely with as a second mn for your name. I agree with @taytothestars that Saint Germaine has an AMAZING story! Some other great saints that havent been mentioned would be Saint Philomena, Saint Lucy, Saint Agatha, and Saint Brigid/Bridget. You could also pick a patron saint of something that you are passionate about. If you would like to PM more about yourself I would be happy to help you find some patron saints
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    I chose St. Hilaria for mine. I didn't make it part of my name. I didn't want a saint that everyone else had. Almost all girls wanted to be: Mary or Elizabeth. So I went to Saints & Angels - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online and looked at a list and St. Hilaria's story stood out to me. My ideal would have been to use one with the same name as me, but there was only a Blessed Diana and that doesn't count unfortunately....

    So I guess in your case, I'd go through this list: Saints & Angels - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online
    Pick out names you like that flow with your name, then research each ones story and find the one you connect with the most.

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    I'm so glad to see that the name Kateri has made it on to Nameberry. St. Kateri resonates with me being an upstate ny'er with a Catholic/ Iroquois family heritage. My husband isn't keen on the name. But I love it.

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