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    I'm just looking at my daughters preschool class photo and I'm happy to say that most are quite classic names. Thomas (x2), Daniel, James, Ryan, Joshua (x2), Nate (x2), Liam, Lachlan, Martin, Toby. Girls are Mia, Isabella, Skye, Molly
    Some of the more unusual ones:
    Boys - Levi, Cyrus
    Girls - Jasmin, Summer, Suelia, Abrielle.
    But even those names are not on the wacky side in my opinion. Just not that common.
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    At my children's preschool there is a Jezabel, Delilah, coast(male), Solene and Vera. I like them all. Although coast has a sister names C0untry.

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    Most of those names are very trendy in my area too, except for Lisa which is very 60's & 70's in my area.

    Some of the pre-school names here which are becoming popular are: Jayden, Braydon, Jack, Will, Jake, Gabe, Declan, Frankie, Ian, Asher, and Parker for boys. Girls that are popular for that age are: Sophia, Madelyn, Olivia, Josephine, Francine, Caroline, Evelyn, Penelope, and Scarlett. I really like them all!

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    My son's class has a Lucas and two Luke's and two Christians.

    His class last year had two Jaydens, two Sophia's, and two Isabella's.

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    There's an Antoinette in my sons class - I was pretty surprised to see that name on the list =)

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