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    I am not a parent yet, but I live in New York and we have a magazine called Dirt. In the magazine there is a writer who runs the Dirt Jr. section specifically for children or their parents rather. I remember reading an article on Potty Training. Not sure if this would help but I figured I would throw it out there anyway. I am not sure if you are stay at home mom but I am sure the method can be tweaked. I know the woman personally and she is very eco-friendly/organic. So I enjoy reading her articles for she has great advice on many things. Her son was probably 2 when he started potty training.

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    I think he's too young. I started attempting to potty train my daughter when she turned two. What a headache! She wasn't fully trained until she turned three years old. A whole year! I've never potty trained a boy, but I imagine it's got to be harder. I woud wait, and not push it if I were you.

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    Thanks for all of the encouraging advice!

    Yes you guys are right! I guess I will wait til Cato shows interest. I guess I shouldn't worry so much!
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