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    Oh wow, I totally feel your pain! Not a totally similar situation, but there are some aspects that are...

    My husband and I were living in Ohio. We signed a year lease and decided once it was up, we were moving to Florida. We hated the cold, depressing weather and had tons of friends and family moving down there. Well, I got pregnant. My due date was Jan. 28 and our lease was up the end of Feb. Baby girl ended up coming on Feb. 1. It was not a c-section, but she was just shy of 10 lbs (no health problems, just large babies runs in my husband's family). Long story short, the birth of her (sans meds) - I didn't shed a tear and didn't think it was that bad. The recovery - I was crying constantly; I had never been in so much pain in my entire life. Two weeks after her birth, I had to have reconstructive surgery "down there." It was a nightmare. About a week later, we were packing up our house and made the 17+ hour drive down to Florida with a newborn and cat in tow. The doctor said she wasn't thrilled with me doing it but she knew she couldn't stop me. She just stressed that we make frequent stops so I could get out, stretch my legs and walk a little bit to prevent blood clots. The trip ended up not being so bad. Actually, now that she's 2.5, I think traveling with a newborn is the MOST ideal (although I totally get the germ concerns on an airplane). She slept 4 hours straight then would wake up to be changed and fed and then right back to sleep. With an older infant or toddler, you'd have to really entertain them and they'd be whiny and restless.

    Banking on a normal delivery and her arrival being fairly "on time," I'd say do it. Just as you said, it's been planned for a while and it's a ton of family coming that he rarely gets to see. You're going to be stressed out, worried and a hormonal mess, but if you can physically do it, just do it. Keep the baby in a wrap (i.e. Moby Wrap) with her facing you and close to your body for the trip. If you need to forego the actual parks and just hang with your little gal in the hotel and taking short strolls around the grounds while everyone else goes to the parks, then do that. I would venture to say 2-3 weeks out from even vaginal birth is too soon to be walking that much (I'm sure your doc would back you up on that).

    Good luck!
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