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    Quote Originally Posted by cvdutch31 View Post
    ... this is going to make me sound really stupid (and I'm fine with that) but... how soon after birth do you take Baby to see pediatrician? Is it right away? I really know nothing about the chain of events after birth so I would love to hear about it! Baby Girl is (obv) our first so I don't know any pediatricians and haven't yet researched any in town so I guess I need to get on that. I would be THRILLED for a doctor to tell us NO! Thanks tangocamper!!
    In NZ I had my midwife visit me once or twice a day for the first week (I was having problems breastfeeding, otherwise she would have popped in once a day) and then every 2 days for another couple of weeks, and then twice a week up until 6 weeks postpartum. We have a free healthcare system here, so I didn't pay anything for the service. Other than through taxes, obviously. I would feel stranded coming home from the hospital and being left on my own!
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    Could you have your mother or sister come and look after you while he goes? Could his parents pop over to see the new baby post Disney Feast?
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    Your hubby is Nuts There is no way I would plan any trip with a baby that little and especially not to Disney!! We went to Disney last year after Christmas and it was insane...never again. I would tell him to go and have fun, you'll be at home settling in with your new baby.

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    OK- about your doctor, my doctor would have said the exact same thing!!! Lesson learned. It still doesn't mean you will have to go, and, a Peds doctor might have different feelings than your OB doc. (Just feel her out BEFORE you bring in hubby!) Good luck!
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    I am definitely going to be looking into the Pediatrician angle, thanks for the tip! And for those who are saying I don't "have" to go regardless, I do understand that. My point was that it's such a big, special, important occasion and that 40+ people are looking forward to it. And half of them are traveling here from Europe, which they can rarely afford to do - that having a buffer excuse like a doctor saying "No way" would have been nice. It would have taken the responsibility off of my shoulders. If it was just my husband, that would be a different story. But I'm letting down a lot of people. And yes, if that's what it takes, that's what I'll do and everyone will survive to tell the tale. But I very much love and appreciate my in-law family and would prefer to not disappoint them - so I posted this forum in hopes of finding a more pleasant alternative. Obviously, hubby isn't going to duct tape me to a seat and literally force me there. Luckily, he's too nice to try that. And besides, now that I'm preggo, I definitely out-weigh him, he wouldn't stand a chance. ;-)

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