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    You should find a pediatrician before your baby is born and you can talk to them about the trip when you meet them for the first time. My pediatrician is part of a group and they do a special meeting before the baby is born so you can ask questions and make sure you want to use them. When the baby is born the pediatrician will see them at the hospital before you are discharged. Then you will make an appointment for one to three days after you've gotten home. They like it to be the next day but if you leave the hospital on a Friday then they'll let you wait until Monday at least with my practice. Then you have well baby check ups at one week, two weeks, one month, two months, four months, six months, nine months, one year, eighteen months and two years followed by annual appointments. These can vary practice to practice like some do fifteen month appointments while others skip that one. Anyways you see a lot of the pediatrician during your baby's first year and that's not including sick visits!
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