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    You should find a pediatrician before your baby is born and you can talk to them about the trip when you meet them for the first time. My pediatrician is part of a group and they do a special meeting before the baby is born so you can ask questions and make sure you want to use them. When the baby is born the pediatrician will see them at the hospital before you are discharged. Then you will make an appointment for one to three days after you've gotten home. They like it to be the next day but if you leave the hospital on a Friday then they'll let you wait until Monday at least with my practice. Then you have well baby check ups at one week, two weeks, one month, two months, four months, six months, nine months, one year, eighteen months and two years followed by annual appointments. These can vary practice to practice like some do fifteen month appointments while others skip that one. Anyways you see a lot of the pediatrician during your baby's first year and that's not including sick visits!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cvdutch31 View Post
    Hey all! I wanted to post a quick update for anyone who may still be interested in this ongoing saga in my life ;-)

    So we went to the OB today for our 20 week check in, just to measure and talk. And like a bunch of you suggested (and I had thought too, honestly), I had a list of questions ready for her. Most were about labor and delivery and all that fun stuff - but the very last one was the big question about the Disney World trip. Husband was sitting right there next to me so he could hear it all.

    She said go. Seriously. She said, "Oh go! You'll have a great time! People travel with week-old infants on planes all the time!" And then she left. I could have cried. I was so not expecting her to say that and I'm SO BUMMED. That was my ticket out!!!! D'OH!!!!!
    Wow! Honestly, if you don't want to go, don't go. Your doctor doesn't need be your excuse.

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    I agree with catloverd.

    No offense to you cvdutch, but just because your doctor gave you the blessing to go does not mean you have to go. Your concerns are real, valid ones and if your husband is not listening to you, that is a problem. It's ok to feel bummed that you can not attend the family get together. It's ok to feel like you are letting your DH or extended family down. It's ok to even be sad that you will miss it. It's not ok to do something that is (completely) out of your comfort zone, stressing you out, hard to plan at this point, or someting that is a compromise just to avoid conflict or making people unhappy. You have to make the decision for yourself and your baby and if you don't think the timing will work, people need to hear your decision and start living with it.
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    I was absolutely exhausted by week 2-3 of motherhood. Sore nipples, breastfeeding difficulties, sleep deprivation. Going somewhere with crowds and theme park rides you can't even go on with a newborn sounds hellish.

    Also, if you're worried about your back during labour I'd strongly recommend trying to avoid an epidural.
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    I am honestly shocked that your doctor told you go.

    If it were me, I would still not make any plans. Tell your husband there are too many variables. What if you deliver early/late? What if you have to have an emergency c-section? Etc etc. Who knows, once the baby comes maybe your husband won't even want to go.

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