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    No way. You could rough it through being sore, practice nursing until you're a champ at doing it smoothly, but you should absolutely under NO circumstances take a newborn out into public at all, much less DISNEY WORLD. I'd be terrified of picking up a pertussis virus (or something similar, heck even measles can kill) from some unvaccinated/infectious child in the "happiest place on earth". Possible fatal diseases? Heck no. I still have tons of anxiety for SIDS after we lost Remy, even though I know the odds are very highly against it striking twice. I hovered over Mia, and I find I'm doing the same with Gemma. However, the whole not vaccinating your children seems to be a growing movement that I honestly just don't understand. You're far better off taking the previous suggestion of inviting his parents/extended family to come and visit you while they're in the country. I know you already offered him to go alone, so inviting them to come to you is offering every possible solution that keeps your newborn protected in those early vulnerable stages.
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    I agree with the other posters who recommend telling him that you aren't saying no, but that it would be irresponsible for both of you to make the decision now. As discussed, you have no idea when she will be born (if you went two weeks late, you would be delivering on 22 December), how the birth will go, how the baby will be, how you will be recovering, how breastfeeding will go, etc. You can use the pilot card in your favour - you don't need to book a flight in advance because you can travel stand-by and so can wait until all the unknown variables are known. No one can accuse you of being unreasonable for saying "maybe", dependent on how circumstances pan out. So, if he needs an answer now, the answer is no, if he can wait until after she is born, then you can both wait and see. I think you need to gently remind him that you don't really need this pressure right now, being pregnant is stressful enough. If you can make it work, tell him you will.

    Also, if you do end up going, you can always just stay at the hotel and lounge by the pool rather than doing the Disney World thing. That way, you can join in the evening festivities without having to brave the crowds during the day.

    Good luck - I have a similarish problem that I'm going to post about.
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    1) Our pediatrician specifically told us NOT to take our baby out around a lot of people until after the baby had her immunizations at her 2-month check-up. Newborns just don't have immune systems yet, and even minor illnesses could be very dangerous. Even if you didn't take the baby to the park (and why would you? Neither one of you would be in any position to enjoy it.) the re-circulated air in airplanes makes lots of people sick, hotel rooms aren't exactly sterile, and most illnesses are spread through droplets when people cough, sneeze, and BREATH anyway, not necessarily physical contact. Not worth the risk.

    2) Even if you don't have a c-section, you will likely still be healing from the birth at 2.5-3 weeks post-partum. Both physically and emotionally. You'll need some time to just rest and focus on getting to know your new baby. It can be quite an adjustment. It was 6 weeks before I finally started to feel like I knew what I was doing (understanding her cues, knowing what to do to soothe her, BREASTFEEDING, etc.)
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    I think that you need to tell him that if you don't feel well, or if you don't feel comfortable, you won't go. You've never had a baby before, you don't know how you'll feel so soon after. There are so many variables when it comes to how things will go. Maybe you'll be up for it and hop on the plane and go. But honestly, I wouldn't have been interested in walking around Disney with an infant! It's your first baby. I think visitors should come to you if that's what makes you feel comfortable.

    When it comes to the baby, they sleep a lot in the beginning so the flight shouldn't be that bad. You could just go, but not go out on big excursions like Disney or any other amusement parks. You could just spend your days at the hotel & the pool and let him go with the family and anyone who wants to visit with you & baby can come to the hotel. That would be the route I went so not to make a major fight out of it. And I would insist on picking a nice resort since I would be spending so much time there, and getting a rental car while he could hop in with the family when he leaves to spend the day with them. That way you could go get any items you might need for you or baby.

    Or...if you aren't far from Disney you could ask the family to reschedule their vacation to come by you for a week or so.

    But all things considered it might be the most relaxing way to have that large a number of people meet the baby. You won'y have to play hostess.

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    I'm definitely from the school of "newborns aren't as incredibly fragile as people think", especially if they're breastfed, and I've heard it's much, much easier to do disney with a young infant then an older baby. During a quieter time, I wouldn't worry too much about bringing a baby that young to an outdoor park, provided you use common sense and don't bring them into packed attractions and keep them in a covered carriage or baby wear so strangers aren't getting in their face...

    However, YOU are not going to be up to this trip. I had a baby one month ago, with a very smooth labor and delivery, no tearing, and am a healthy woman in my early 20s. Simply going up and down the stairs at night too soon after delivery led to my abdomen muscles not healing properly and increased bleeding, and I've been order to do pretty much nothing until my daughter is 6 weeks old AT LEAST.

    I also wouldn't suggest hubby go and leave you at home. That early, you are very much going to need help. Unless someone from your side of the family can stay with you or you can hire help, being on your own with a newborn that little may be just as detrimental to your recovery as doing Disney world.

    Another concern would be IF you go, who would carry all the "gear". That early after delivery you're advised not to lift anything heavier than the baby, including the baby in the car seat, stroller, etc. Who is going to carry your luggage, stroller, car seat, pack and play, breast pump, etc. (not that you'd need ALL of that...but you'd need a lot of stuff.

    That said, I *might* consider going if it would be possible for you to stay at the hotel the majority of the time, the baby is on-time and healthy, and you have a smooth labor and delivery. If you can get a suite type room with a fridge and way to heat water, it might be even easier than handling a little one at home. Newborns are surprisingly flexible. And if you can get one of hubby's relatives to skip the park for a day, you might get more sleep/rest than you would at home, too. Wear her in a carry at the airport so strangers aren't tempted to touch her or get in her face, and just bring her to the park at a quiet time to meet everyone (provided they aren't staying at the same hotel) for an hour or so. Spend the rest of the time sleeping and caring for the baby at the hotel.
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