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Thread: WDYT of Quinn?

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    WDYT of Quinn?

    I've just taken quite a liking to Quinn, and surprisingly, so has my normally picky fiance! What do you think?

    Also, suggestions for middle names? Not really a fan of how any family names sound with it. I think Quinn Joy sounds pretty (and I really like the name Joy) but the only issue is our last name is also one syllable. Is a 1-1-1 pattern okay?

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    I'd go with a 3 syllable middle name, so the full name doesn't sound so choppy. Quinn Nathalia, Quinn Alexis, Quinn Elena, so many options!

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    I do like Quinn for a girl. I think a different number of syllables sounds better, Quinn Joy sounds very abrupt and choppy to me.
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    I have an up and down love for Quinn. Mostly down now. My husband is also picky (he would say the same of me!) but he loved this name and I started to really like it, it grew on me.Had it in our top 3 even. I liked that it was simple, easy to spell and not too common,bit spunky. But I didn't like that its feels modern and not overtly feminine.

    Most people I asked didn't like the name, the ones who did were all men. And it doesn't get much love around here I have found.
    I find it very difficult to get a middle name that sounds nice with Quinn. A lot of choices make it sound like "queen" ie Quinn Elizabeth, Quinn Charlotte. And many just sound "off" with it imo.
    I personally think a 1-3-1 name would be nice. My favs with Quinn were Quinn Rosemary, Quinn Violet, Quinn Josephine, Quinn Susannah, Quinn Sylvia
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    I think that Quinn is very cute! But I do think you need a longer middle name because with joy it turns into one name... Quinjoy

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