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    As long as a person is honored by a nickname and likes it, then I simply don't think it matters. Most people call me Kate, but my grandpa has pet names for me, some people call me by my full name and some call me by my last name. Nicknames are often a sign of affection and familiarity. Limiting that seems ridiculous.
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    My parents had so many pet names for me. I had pretty much every nickname under the sun, and only one of them actually related to my given name. I don't think there should be a limit on the number of affectionate names we call our children. Perhaps an age limit, though. Although it sounds like you're talking about nicknames exclusively relating to the first name, which probably doesn't need an age limit.

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    My sons name is Charlie Joseph. He's got a gazillion names. Char, Char Bar, Chuck, Chuckaluffagus, Charlie Jo, Charlie Bear. That's just a few. He answers to all of them too! Lol. If it fits why not!? He's/ She's your kid afterall..
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    I think sky's the limit when it comes to nicknames. As your child grows and develops from an infant to a toddler to a preschooler so on and so forth, it's typical for new nicknames to present themselves and perhaps for some of the old ones to fall away. When we had our first daughter, we were set on using the nickname Bella and we did along with Bell, Bells and Bellsy. I guess they're all similar, so there was never any confusion. Then recently, she put an end to all of them and announced that she prefers Izzy (gasp). What can I say-I always knew that could happen. With our younger one, so far we mostly use Nessa, but once in a while we call her Vanunu. Totally couldn't have planned for that one, but it suits her sassy personality and she answers to it. I guess my advise is to not try to plan too far in advance because organic nicknames are always most meaningful.
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    My daughter Katharine started out as Katie. Before age 2 she was always called that. But after that I decided Katie didn't suit her and started calling her by her full names and different nicknames to see what would stick. Now she's Katharine, Kat, and occasionally Kitty and rarely Kit. She doesn't seem confused.
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