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    How many nicknames is too many?

    The name at the top of my girl's list is Elizabeth. I love the full name (so much!) and would use it at least half of the time, but I also love how many nickname options there are. So, my question for you all (especially those of you with versatile names) is: how many nicknames is too many? Could I get away with giving little Elizabeth two or three not-so-similar nicknames?

    Do any of you (or any of your children) have a handful of nicknames? Do you like it, or is it annoying?

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    I go mainly by a NN rather than my given first name and I've gone by 2 NN throughout my life. A third was recently used to call my attention and I hated it. I think 2 is plenty. I prefer not to disclose my name, but an example would be like if my given name was Margaret, I would go by Margo, sometimes Maggie, but if someone called me Marge, I would hate it.
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    I think it could possibly be confusing when they are very little and learning to talk. Calling them Lizzie one day and Betty the next, you know. Whereas calling them Lizzie and the next day Liz wouldn't be too bad, because one's a shorter version. It still sounds similar. I think when they are older, it probably wouldnt be too bad unless the kid specifically asked to be called _________.

    But then again, I don't have kids so I dont really know if they can adapt to different names or not.

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    As an Elizabeth, I am in the 'sky's the limit' camp. I've been Elizabeth, Liz, Lizard, Lizzy, Lizzo, Lizzie, Lizziekins, et cetera. And that's just a small fraction of what Elizabeths can be called. She'll probably change throughout her lifetime what she prefers to be called. My parents are the only ones who call me Elizabeth, and they are not allowed to call me anything else, nor is anyone else permitted to call me Elizabeth. Lizzie was my favorite, but then a person I hated started to call me that, so that went away and I became Liz. My favorite person in the world calls me Lizziekins on a regular basis, and I am okay with it only as she is my best friend. But you see what I mean. It's a nice way of differentiating your relationships with people. She can be Elizabeth to you, Buffy to her siblings, Lizzie to her friends, Liz to her co-workers. It all works just fine.

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    I also think it's a wonderful quality about Elizabeth that it has so many nicknames. When it comes to how many nicknames I think it really depends on where she is in her life. I think when she's school age or older it would be fine if she's known at school as Lizzie or Liz and at home it's Elizabeth or Betsy. And as she gets even older perhaps even more nicknames depending on the group of people. However when she's just a baby I think it might be confusing if she's constantly being called something different. I think if they all sound the same then you'd be fine like Lizzie, Liz or Elizabeth. But if you try to use all the nicknames then it might be difficult for her when she's trying to learn her name. We use a lot of endearments in our house and my daughter especially got called Baby, Sweetie and such a lot. She was getting to an age when she should have been responding to her name so we had to make an effort to actually call her by her name so she could learn it.
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