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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    The IRA carried out nearly 500 bombing attacks in the UK from the 70s-90s, killing many innocent civillians. But yeah, it's a name. Much like India is.
    Please reference aurra's post. She explains it perfectly. But no, the name Ira has absolutely NOTHING to do with the IRA.

    Janna, that's perfect.
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    Considering the issue is about India and colonialism, I thought I might put in my two cents by offering a comparison. If a British person named their child Ireland, I'd probably think "Huh, that's a bit weird" but I wouldn't be offended. I know how terribly we treated when we were a colony (the worst of it not even a hundred years ago) and for all I know there could have been families with property in Ireland a long time before that who chose to show that with their children's names but even if they did once do that, I wouldn't be offended now. Granted, there might be some who would but being highly Nationalist and Republican myself I figure if I didn't particularly mind then a lot of people wouldn't mind. They don't mean offence with it. They just think it sounds nice and makes a good name. Is that so bad? Are these things only an issue when it's white people naming their child after a country that isn't mostly white (I only mention this because of the above poster, janna, said they'd be annoyed by a white person naming their child Egypt)?
    If I asked my family (who have stronger opinions than me), they'd probably just say who the hell would name their child that because it's a weird name to us.
    If Ireland isn't a problem, why should India be?

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    @sarahmezz - I'm Australian and I find the name India distasteful! I can't help but think of the brutality of Colonialism and it's legacy of oppression and exploitation.
    That said, I teach global politics so I'm probably not a fair representation! I do think that as Australia itself is a former colony, most Australians would be aware of the activities of the British empire to some extent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aurra View Post
    During Britain's rule of India, wealthy British military officers would use the name India because it was 'exotic', even as they murdered thousands of Indians. India wasn't used as a name UNTIL the British occupied India. Jordan and Ira were names that were well established as names and were not names used because of mass murder. London has been used as a name for reasons other than the Blitz, and Britain/Brittany is also a surname.
    Please show me! I don't mean to be annoying- I really would like to see some records or something! So far I've seen much the opposite- a quick search shows baptisms of Indias in the 16th/17th centuries, before the start of British occupation. And London has been used as a name for reasons other than the Blitz? Ditto India! People using the name aren't thinking 'I've killed thousands of Indians, let's champion that fact!'.

    Ugh, people are missing the point. I know Ira isn't directly related to the IRA. I mean that names can have meanings attached to them by different people. I- and I'm sure other Brits on these boards would agree- know that India really isn't considered offensive. If it really was once a taboo name, it's certainly transcended that now. 2.5% of the UK population is British Indian (more than double the proportion of Indian Americans in the US) you'd think that if they still had major problems with the British, they wouldn't be settling here.

    And thank you, cupcake3690. Agreed.

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    I don't care for the name India. It now has some derogatory connotations with that crazy person Katie Hopkins who is known around the world now as a NAME SNOB. She actually said that she would not use geographical names because they are "Low Class" and then named her daughter India....???? Does she have any brains? Those poor kids will have this hanging over their heads now forever and I'm sure will end up changing their names someday. Katie Hopkins Name Snob | Baby Names | Essential Baby
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