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    I don't see how Ira could be controversial anywhere other than perhaps Ireland. It's a legitimate name.

    All country names are silly. I have family from Poland, does that mean I should use it as a name? No. Same goes for Germany. Unless you have a connection to Ireland, Britain, India, or Israel, you should probably look elsewhere for naming inspiration.
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    I asked my teenaged friend, who is Indian (born in raised in America but has visited India a few times), about the name. She said that no Indian parents would use India and it was essentially a 'white' name that made her think that either the parents were ignorant about or support the British control of India. (She said it was like someone who named their child Lucifer- they were either making a statement or choosing to ignore the cultural stigma.)

    The thing we have to remember about Nameberry is that it is a global forum. I think it's cool that we have viewpoints of names from all over the world, but it also causes a lot of controversy. It's the twenty first century, and the world is more connected than ever. Some names that were once deemed unsuitable for children and caused a lot of controversy have become mainstream (like Delilah). But, India is still offensive to many and has ties to colonialism.

    Fact: Some people think it's harmless to be racist. I live in a wealthy area and my middle school was about 90% white. I have friends who are black and Hispanic, and racist jokes/comments are made daily by kids who think they're being funny or 'no one cares anymore'. Mostly it's just the culture. Occasionally, kids grow up in a home where racism supposedly doesn't exist, so it's okay to joke about it. It's just harmless fun, they think.

    With names like Cohen and India, they are offensive to a large group of people throughout the world. They've started to integrate into mainstream, but it still remains a long way from being globally accepted.

    India has a gorgeous sound. But what about Indira, Indigo or Indiana?


    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Okay, not meaning to greatly offend anyone but I don't think I really get the argument. 'You can't use India because it's a country and people died there'- is that what we're getting at? Then that's true for every other place name out there, especially other 'controversial' ones. Israel- decades of strife between the Jewish and Arab people. Jordan- Middle east is a very controversial area at the moment. Britain, London- around 50,000 people were murdered in the Blitz. How about Ireland? The UK has had a very troubled history with the Irish but Ireland seems to be a trendy name accessory these days, especially in the US. Or, even more controversial- Ira! I've had relatives die in the war -in the Middle East- and I couldn't care less if someone from another country chose to name their kid Britain, Britton, Brittany, London, Israel or Jordan. And Britain was the evil, murderous occupier yet India is the controversial name? It just doesn't make sense :/
    This is a good point to clarify:

    During Britain's rule of India, wealthy British military officers would use the name India because it was 'exotic', even as they murdered thousands of Indians. India wasn't used as a name UNTIL the British occupied India. Jordan and Ira were names that were well established as names and were not names used because of mass murder. London has been used as a name for reasons other than the Blitz, and Britain/Brittany is also a surname.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    I don't see how Ira could be controversial anywhere other than perhaps Ireland. It's a legitimate name.
    The IRA carried out nearly 500 bombing attacks in the UK from the 70s-90s, killing many innocent civillians. But yeah, it's a name. Much like India is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aurra View Post
    With names like Cohen and India, they are offensive to a large group of people throughout the world.
    Do we know that though? Evidence? We can't possibly know the views of the entire planet. It seems statements like that are based on the views of a few berries and their Indian friends.

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    Look, if a bunch of Israelis come in and name their kids Palestine, that's offensive.
    If a bunch of Protestants come in and name their kids Catholic, that's offensive.
    If a bunch of white people (Brits especially) come in and name their kids India, that's offensive.
    See how that works? I'd be pissed as hell if a white person named their kid Egypt (where I come from) cause they liked the sound. And no, it's not the same as London because people died in the Blitz. No one was arguing that you can't use it because people have died in India.

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