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    Waverly Winston is a great name! I love the alliteration and think it really works nicely. I don't agree that she won't be taken seriously. I think someone named Diamond Chandelier would be hard to take seriously, but Waverly Winston is just fine.

    I agree that Waverly Maude is an excellent combo!
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    Have you considered Everly Winston?

    Or perhaps, Ellery Winston?

    I like Waverly Winston in theory, but something feels off every time I say it aloud, and I have absolutely zero issues with alliterative names. My wee one has an alliterative W first/last name.

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    I think it's cute! It's not like you can be blamed for picking the surname. I adore Waverly, and alliteration never killed anyone. I would love to have a name that sounded like such a cheerful and preppy character.

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    The part of me that hates alliteration wants to say no, but you've won me over on this one. Waverly Winston sounds like she should have her own book series and i would totally read it. I agree with the others, definitely a non-W middle. Waverly Maude Winston is awesome
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    Too close to Witches of Waverly Place for me, I'm afraid. To be fair, Waverly is not my taste generally so I may not have the best ear for this name. I like the suggestions of Everly a lot more, even though that's also not a name that's quite my taste. Avery I think would sound even nicer although I understand if that's too popular for you. Ellery could really grow on me with Winston.

    Let me put this in perspective: I would raise an eyebrow upon seeing or hearing this name, and then proceed to get over it. I think for the most people who have a somewhat "too silly/negative" reaction to the name, that will also be the pattern. There are going to be those who continue to really think negatively about it, but that is going to be true for any name.

    From your list I really like Lark and Grier : D. Maude has been growing on me too. If you go with Waverly I definitely love Maude as a middle for you. Somehow I am liking Waverly Maude Winston better than Waverly Winston. Double barrel : D?

    I think you should consider:

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